Visit to the Sanctuary of La Virgen del Valle – Margarita Island

When I am in the Margarita Island I love to enjoy the beaches, excursions and shopping centers, also as tradition I visit the town El Valle del Espíritu Santo, where the Patron Saint of the East of Venezuela is venerate. La Virgen del Valle (The Virgin of The Valley)Every September 8th, her day is celebrated, so we are on the eve of the celebration and I take the opportunity to share photographs I took at the Basilica.

Basílica Menor Nuestra Señora del Valle

It is a cozy temple of medium size, has a neo-Gothic architectural style. The exterior is light yellow with white and the flags of Venezuela, Nueva Esparta and the Vatican are raised. It is surrounded by craft stalls where I usually buy some souvenirs.

On the contrary, the interior of the basilica is decorated with blue, gray, white and gold colors. There are beautiful stained glass windows on the sides, wooden benches and a central corridor.

That day I entered through a side door, found the corridor on the right (top photo) and on the left the altar where the Virgin image is located. As in the images below:

Normally, the Virgin image is in the upper part of the altar, but days before September 8, the descent of the Virgin is performed for the preparations for the commemoration of her day with a procession.

The stained glass windows have different designs, these are very beautiful and bring natural light to the temple. The ceiling is decorated with arches keeping the Neo-Gothic style.


After making my prayers inside the church, I went to the souvenir stalls, where the vendors were very kind. These offer among others: necklaces, earrings, bracelets that are mostly made by hand. I love the earrings!

El Valle del Espíritu Santo is one of the most visited sanctuaries in Venezuela, the parishioners attend and it is also visited as a tourist site of the Pearl of the Caribbean.

Own photos.

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