Cute Calves

When the cow has its young, they are known as calves until they reach little more than two years of birth. These little animals look very cute; In Venezuela it is common that although their name indicates that they are small, they are also added a diminutive and they are called “becerritos”.


As Venezuelan singer, musician and composer Simón Díaz describes them in his song “… a cute little calf like a baby“. They are lovely mammals that at birth usually weigh around 30 kilograms and are usually bred for fattening or sale. Returning to the musical theme: “… and butterfly is that she does not know what to do, because she knows the fate of him“.

During a walk to Anzoategui State I took this picture of beautiful calves, as you can see there were different tonalities. In the background, you can also see a peculiar ostrich.

Category animalphoto
Camera Fujifilm S1800
Location Anzoátegui – Venezuela

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